Communications Team

What we do

The Communications Team at Cedars is responsible for getting the word out to our members and friends, as well as the wider community, about what our church is doing and has done. Our biggest contributions are producing The Beacon eNewsletter each week, updating announcements in the Beacon Blog on the Cedars web site, and administering the Cedars Facebook page.

The Cedars office manager ( designs and produces flyers, inserts for the order of service, Cedars UU Church brochures, How to Guides, and manages the Cedars website.

How we can help

Want to get connected with Cedars members and activities?  Check out our “How to Find Out” help sheet.

Want to get the word out about a Cedars event?  Read our handy guide by clicking on: “How To Get the Word Out.”

Here’s how to contribute an announcement for The Beacon.

You can reach the Communications Team:
Chair: Richard Wilson and member Kathleen Stearns by emailing