Shifting Sands

This past week has been a shock for many of us. Rev. Zackrie Vinczen announced his resignation from Cedars last Sunday, after five years of professional ministry. His announcement comes as we are entering the summer season, a time when many folks are planning summer vacations, planning to enjoy the warm weather at home or at distant locales.

Sometimes life can feel like the earth is moving under our feet, similar to standing barefoot on an ocean beach and the tide comes in and then retreats with the sand beneath our toes being moved toward the sea. But then we take a step, and we are on firm footing again, ready to take another step.

Rev. Zackrie is taking a step on his own journey. A necessary step to maintain balance in his life. I wish him well in that next step. At the same time, the people at Cedars will continue to walk together as we have for decades. We will find a new way forward, working together to serve each other and the wider world around us. Your Board of Trustees, both current and future Trustees will help guide us on that path.

Jeff Philip
President, Board of Trustees