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Taming the Dragon of Fear; Preparing our Caring Community

April 29, Sunday Service, 10 a.m.
Island School
Prepared Cedars Taskforce and Tyler Weaver, Worship Associate

How Do You Tame a Dragon? We invite you to take the mike and tell your story.

The Prepared Cedars Taskforce wants to hear your stories of taming the dragon of fear as you prepare for...Read More »

Ministerial Search Update-John Wiens

Thank you to those of you who attended the workshop on April 8th.  We have since learned more information from the UUA.  Thomas is on vacation until the end...Read More »

Congregational Business Meeting-May 6

After service Sunday, May 6, please plan to attend an important Congregational Business Meeting.

The Budget Leadership Team and the Treasurer will discuss Cedars financial status and the challenges we face. Please attend to learn about the 2017-18 budget and the 2018-19 projected budget that will be voted on at the...Read More »

Cross Cultural Book Group-May 25

What we are reading:  The Leavers by Lisa Ko
When we meet:  May 25, 2018
Where: Cedars Center  284 Madrona Way, BI (this is a change in location)
Time:  1:00-3:00 pm

The purpose of the Cross Cultural Book Group (CCBG), a program of the Cedars Justice Network, is to foster understanding of and among American cultural...Read More »

Earth Day: What Does it Mean to Care

Sunday, April 22                           
10:00 a.m. 

The Island School   

With Diane Landry, Guest Speaker and Marsha Gladhart, Worship Associate.

Earth Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on what we value about the environment, to examine the choices we make...Read More »

April's Special Collection

Sunday, April 22


EARTHJUSTICE, the recipient of this month’s special collection on April 22, is a non-profit environmental law firm with a passionate belief that the power of law can be used to preserve the environment and build a healthier future for all. Its more than 100 attorneys and many litigators...Read More »

Prepared Cedars Tip of the Week

Where Are Your Important Papers, such as identification, SS numbers for each household member, financial account numbers, passwords and whatever else you use to organize and live your life?

Don’t tell me! Tell each responsible member of your household and put those...Read More »

Credo Group Forming

If someone asked “What do you believe?” could you say? A Credo Group is a chance to work with Reverend Thomas and people from Cedars to find your response to five basic questions of meaning: What am I? How do I know? What is in charge? What does death...Read More »

A Dinner Invitation

Friday, April 27
4:20 p.m.
Bainbridge Ferry Terminal

A group of Cedars Social Justice Network members are traveling to SeaTac to
join in the celebration:

Eat with Muslims (EWM)
Anniversary Dinner at 6:30 p.m.
SeaTac Community Center

“Join us for our First Anniversary Dinner to hear about our journey and future plans....Read More »

An Earth Day Quiz

Get ready for the Earth Day Service April 22.

Here is an Earth Day quiz for your whole family from the Cedars Justice Network!  Please take the quiz once but you can use your email address to enter your child’s name if your children take the quiz separately. The responses...Read More »

Are We Free Yet?

Sunday, April 15                          
10:00 a.m. 

The Island School   

With Rev. Thomas Perchlik and Keri Schmit, Worship Associate.

In the holy day of Passover people celebrate freedom. But liberty, as Jefferson noted, demands eternal vigilance. In a sense we get pulled back into “Egypt” over and over, and thus are never really...Read More »

Spiritual Odyssey Potluck

Friday, April 13
6:00 p.m.
Cedars Center
On most 2nd Friday evenings we are invited to gather for a potluck supper and discussion with friends or members of Cedars who have agreed to share stories of their personal spiritual journeys.The presentations are informal, and can lead to deeper understandings of...Read More »

Tip of the Week from Prepared Cedars

The Emergency Preparedness team has undergone a name change, now known as Prepared Cedars.

Who is Your Emergency Contact?

When you attend Sunday service at The Island School or an event at the Cedars Center, you may have a drivers license or other identification on you but do you have identification that...Read More »

An Opportunity for Fun!

Cedars is looking for someone to take a leadership role in next year’s auction. This annual event in the social life of our congregation is a great opportunity to work together with others and help provide funding for Cedars’ programs. Experienced helpers are awaiting fresh energy and organizing vision for the planning of a grand...Read More »

Ministerial Search Team Formation

After service on Sunday April 8, the Board and the Transition Support Team will host a two hour workshop for the congregation that will be facilitated by Rev. Dennis Reynolds, UUA Transition Coach.  This is a very important workshop where we will learn about the process for selecting the Search...Read More »

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