Unitarian Universalist congregations are part of a long and distinctive heritage which affirms freedom of belief. We organize ourselves not by required theological statements, but around a set of principles that calls each of us to put more faith in ourselves, our community and our beliefs. Learning to live these principles is a lifelong journey and the desire to be together in community for that journey is one good reason we come to Cedars. You may want to consider becoming a member of Cedars.

There are several paths into active participation in the life of Cedars including,

  • Working on your own spiritual development.
  • Sharing your time and talents.
  • Connecting and deepening your relationships in our community.
  • Being involved in social justice and action.
  • Connecting to the wider UU movement.

Like many congregations, Cedars depends on the participation and contributions of its Members and Friends. Those contributions include sharing your time and talents as well as your financial support. The decision to become a member of Cedars represents an important milestone in your spiritual journey. In joining us, you are making a public statement that you want to become more involved in the celebration and services of our community life, and committing yourself to become part of our liberal religious presence in Kitsap County and beyond.

Becoming a member signifies the beginning of a new relationship. As a member of this congregation, you are a full participant in our ongoing ministry. We urge you to get involved in ways that both nourish you spiritually and challenge you to give of yourself for others. To support you through this process, our Membership Team is there to listen and guide you towards programs that fit your interests.

Whether you choose to become a Member or not, we welcome your presence and participation among us.

Feel free to read our New Member Brochure and contact Membership@CedarsUUChurch.org if you have any questions.