Bylaws, a Policy Book, and an Organizational Handbook provide the operational framework for the leadership and governance of Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church.

An elected Board of Trustees is responsible for oversight of church business, including employment and performance of staff and lay leadership, as well as general guidance of church policy and programs. The Board is composed of seven Trustees, elected by the congregation to serve two-year staggered terms,

Organizational structure is based on the four-component Cedars Mission Statement: Worship with Open Hearts, Nurture a Learning Spirit, Serve Justice with Compassion, Love without Judgment. The Board is responsible for overall mission empowerment and policy oversight, with professional staff providing mission guidance and operational support, and a Program Council composed of Program Committee Chairs coordinates the activities of associated Program Committees chartered for mission-component implementation. Support Committees serving operational needs of the organization are chartered as needed, and all committees are free to organize subordinate teams and subcommittees in support of their activities.

Organizational Structure