Announcing the Sunday Services Committee

The SSC is a newly created Cedars committee chartered by the Board of Trustees and is an offshoot of the Worship Committee (that has been inactive for a number of years).

The purpose is to ensure a functional transition to a  congregation-centered “Sunday service” at the time of our ministers retirement (January 31, 2017).

The SSC will work as a committee of Cedars members and friends in collaboration with the worship associates (WA), the director of religious education (DRE), the music director (Chris),  any guest speaker (GS)  and the Transition team.  And, of course, this includes members and friends of Cedars.

Together, we will create and produce Sunday services that reflect our congregation.

It is our desire to be inclusive as we honor the diversity of religious thought and practice within our faith community. Your input is important to the success of this committee.

There are multiple ways to become involved and/or make your views known:
1 .An opinion box (with an informed person standing by) will be available each Sunday for signed or anonymous thoughts;

2. Members of the committee will make themselves known on Sundays by identity badges and will be happy to listen to your ideas and/or answer your questions. We don’t expect to have all the answers, but we are committed to ensuring that each person feels respected, heard and responded to.

3. You can email the Sunday Services Committee at

Committee Members:
Chair: Penny Brewer
Barbara Golden, Christine Smellow, Susan Shaffer, Jennifer Conway, Elsa LaFlamme, Gillian Bull; Jenny Weaver, Suzanne DuPont, Betty Petras, John L. Wiens, and Marsha Gladhart