Arts & Spirituality Wrap-up: Care and Feeding of the Creative Spirit

February 8, 2015 (10:00 a.m. at The Island School)

Alex Sanso, Cedars speaker
Jessica Star Rockers
, worship associate

The Arts and Spirituality series, which started last autumn, has explored the spiritual connections of music, drama, visual arts and literature throughout history—as separate creative disciplines. In this series wrap-up, Cedars member Alex Sanso explores the broader concept of creative expression and how it can and does nourish us spiritually. Including our Cedars “Creativity Fair”—an art exhibit by dozens of us in various intriguing media.

Feb. 15 – Relationships and How They Define Us (Youth Sunday)
Feb. 22 – Why We Gather (such as at UUA General Assembly)
March 1 — Reflections on Snow (Falling on Cedars)