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Save the Date-Cedars Sock Hop

September 29, 2018
5-9:00 p.m.
My Girl Drive In, Kingston, Washington

Dinner, dance party, car museum, game room and more! An authentic replica of a 1950’s drive-in restaurant.

More information about the event as well as the venue is now available during the coffee hour following the Sunday Service in Webster Hall.

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Social Justice Dinner Event

Sixteen Cedars women, 22 Kitsap UU Fellowship women, and 15 Muslim women from the Bremerton Islamic Center participated in a dinner event held at Kitsap UU Church last Sunday.

The Muslim women prepared a wide assortment of delicious Kurdish dishes. Drinks and dessert were provided by the UU women. The conversation...Read More »

Special Collection News

Thanks to all Cedars animal lovers, $470 was collected on July 8th for the Doney Memorial Pet Clinic.  The Pioneer Square clinic provides veterinary care for pet owners who are homeless or low-income.

What a generous congregation!

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Three Days of Preparedness

Get ready to participate and learn with these events presented on Bainbridge Island (and relevant to other areas):

Wednesday, September 26 there will be a showing of the locally produced film, The Geologic Formation of Bainbridge Island.

Saturday, September 29 attend the Expo at City Hall where you can get tips on how...Read More »

Education Behind and Beyond Bars

Sunday, July 22
10:00 a.m.
The Island School   

Guest Speaker Joel Strom, Program Director, and Betty Petras, sociology instructor, University Beyond Bars with Penny Brewer, Worship Associate.

The United States imprisons the highest percentage of its population of any country in the world.  Less than half have the equivalent of a H.S. diploma,...Read More »

Immigration Insight

Summer Reading
At your leisure 

Do you want to know more about the complex issue of immigration: who is and who is not an American, child/parent separation (voluntary & forced), and refugee vs immigrant status? The following books can help you make sense of what you hear:

Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario.  This nonfiction...Read More »


No Class on Monday, July 16 

UU ministerial candidate and seminary grad Jessica Star Rockers will lead a short UU history course studying John Buehrens’ book Unitarians and Universalists in America: A People’s History. Buehrens writes, “Religion is people.”

Let us deepen our understanding of UU history and the lesser-known people who...Read More »

Animal Blessings

Last Sunday was a special service celebrating and sharing the many ways our family pets add joy to our lives. It was very well attended (counting the animals as well as the humans), and a special collection was taken for a Seattle clinic serving animals of the homeless.

More photos are...Read More »

Cedars Board News

During a retreat this past week, our new Cedars Board elected officers for the 2018-19 church year. Heidi Parkington-Thal will serve as President, Marsha Gladhart as Vice-President, David Barnes as Secretary, and Demi Rasmussen will continue as Treasurer; Tyler Weaver, John Peck, and Helen Nissani will serve as Members-at-Large.

Heidi reports that the retreat...Read More »

Social Justice Dinner Event - July 15

Fifteen Cedars women have been invited to a dinner organized by women of the Kitsap Islamic Center and Kitsap UU congregation on July 15 at 5 p.m. in Bremerton.

Hopefully, this will be just the beginning of building a relationship between our groups. In the future, some events might include men and families.

Cedars Justice...Read More »

Why Birds Matter

Sunday, July 15
10:00 a.m.
The Island School   

With Guest Speakers, Gene and Sandy Bullock assisted by Tyler Weaver, Worship Associate.

2018 is the hundredth birthday of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, which ended a century of slaughter that nearly wiped out many species of birds. Many of us...Read More »

Notes From the Box House

The Prepared Cedars Taskforce made available a beautifully decorated box-house, created by artist Gillian Bull, in which members and friends could leave messages.

“…caring friends, and family members, books, and laughter.”

“I feel safe when I am laughing with my mother…”

“Wow!” from a 9 year old

“…a purpose in life.”

Prepared Cedars invites...Read More »

Cedars Safety Team

Prepared Cedars is creating a Safety Team to be in place during Sunday Services. Do you want to help others feel safe at The Island School; are you the parent/guardian of youth who attend RE?

Please join us. Training and a responsibility-list will be provided. After training, you will be asked...Read More »

Save the Date-Cedars Sock Hop

September 29, 2018
5-9:00 p.m.
My Girl Drive In, Kingston, Washington

Dinner, dance party, car museum, game room and more! An authentic replica of a 1950’s drive-in restaurant.

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Ministers Column-July 2018

This month it will be difficult to reach me because I am on summer break from July 3 to July 30. I will not read much email and will respond to even less. In an emergency, the President of the Board can reach me by phone, and I might answer...Read More »

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