Article II of the UUA Bylaws: Purposes, Values and Inspirations

Every 15 years, Unitarian Universalist Congregations are asked to review Article II of the UUA Bylaws. Last June, delegates to General Assembly overwhelmingly (86%) voted to further explore the Purposes, Principles (Values) and Sources (Inspirations). This year, we will be asked to vote on whether to adopt them as a new foundation which ties UU’s together.

Many Unitarian Universalists have strong beliefs about the proposed revision. There are many options on which direction we should go regarding the foundational elements. I will hold an information session for us to discuss them on March 6th in the Cedars Center (5pm).

You can learn more now by checking out the resources below.

Jeff Philip
President, Board of Trustees

Continuing the Conversation About Article II

When the proposed Article II UUA Bylaws revision was presented at General Assembly last June, delegates voted to continue the conversation about a revision, and bring the proposed revision to a final vote in 2024.

The UUA has released the Final Proposed Revision to Article II.

On December 7, 2023, the UU World published an article titled As Unitarian Universalists Reassess Core Beliefs, Article II Study Commission Reflects on Progress Made.

A group of Unitarian Universalists concerned that the proposed revision abandons our liberal religious heritage has developed a seven-part video series simulating UU member conversations exploring whether the revision would be a wise and prudent change. They are available at

The present text of Article II is available here.