Board Leadership News

The Cedars Board held a retreat on Sunday September 12th. More details will be shared soon, but we want to provide you with a few highlights: 

We welcomed Susan Shaffer to the Board. Susan will serve on the Board until June 2022. Thank you, Susan, for stepping up!

Kassia Sing and Mike Cox will serve as Co-Presidents until June 2022. Kassia and Mike will determine exact roles and responsibilities of each and share that with the Congregation over the next several weeks. Thank you, Kassia and Mike, for leading us onward!

Carol Ann Davidson will step into Kassia’s role as Secretary. Thank you, Carol Ann.

We are grateful to all who participated in the Talking/Listening Circles. We offer a special thanks to the leadership of the Path Forward Working Group, who advised and worked with the Board to organize and conduct the Talking/Listening Circles and make resultant recommendations. We will provide the Congregation with specific actions over the next several weeks to help us move forward.

Based on the great work of the Re-opening Task Force, Technology Team, and Worship Team, we are targeting Sunday October 24th for our first in-person service at The Island School since the pandemic began. There are lots of details to be worked out, but we are excited to hold in-person services that follow the science, are safe, and inclusive.

The Board discussed a stronger commitment to our community social action work and is suggesting a specific focus on climate change since results from the Congregational Survey indicated that this was an area that most people had a strong interest.

Finally, we will begin issuing a quarterly report from the Board that we hope will improve communication with the Congregation. Look for our first issue in October!

A huge thanks to the volunteers on the sub-committees and teams mentioned above:

Path Forward Working Group: Rick Blythe, Mike Cox, Carol Ann Davidson, Herb Hethcote, Fran Korten, Jane Martin, Heidi Parkington-Thal, Jeff Philip, Patti Shannon, Kassia Sing, Tyler Weaver

Re-Opening Task Force: Mike Cox, Dawna Kramer, Leslie Marshall, Rhonda Peacock, Kassia Sing, Sally Wilson

Tech Team: Rick Blythe, Carolyn Kempkes, Max Macrae, Rhonda Peacock, Tyler Weaver

Worship: Grace Bonow, Penny Brewer, Mike Cox, Johanna Munson, Tyler Weaver 

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to the Board members.

In Peace,

Mike Cox, Carol Ann Davidson, Herb Hethcote, Jeff Philp, Susan Shaffer, Kassia Sing, Robyn Teske