COVID-19 Symptoms? Get tested now!

Public health officials are urging Kitsap residents to get tested as quickly as possible if they have any COVID symptoms, no matter how mild.
It has taken an average of 3.4 days for positive cases in Kitsap County to get tested for COVID-19 after first experiencing symptoms. This delay increases the potential for spreading the virus to others. People who know they have COVID-19 are more likely to isolate themselves than those who aren’t sure. 
To reduce this testing delay, Kitsap Public Health is:

  • Urging community members to seek testing immediately if they experience any COVID-19 symptoms, even if their illness is mild.
  • Encouraging local health care providers to test symptomatic patients as quickly as possible. 
  • Working with the Kitsap County Emergency Operations center to develop a community-based testing site to expand testing options for Kitsap residents. 

Kitsap residents are urged to create a plan for how they will get tested if they experience symptoms and how they can separate themselves from others while they are sick. 
The Centers for Diseases Control website has more information about COVID-19 symptoms. Check with your primary care provider or call 2-1-1 for information on testing locations in Kitsap County.
In recent discussion within the Cedars Pastoral Care Team, Rev. Zackrie confirmed that he would appreciate being informed if any member of the Cedars community tests positive for Covid-19. The information will remain confidential if the person so wishes, but Rev. Zackrie’s awareness could help with contact tracing as well as determining what support and possible services could be offered by Pastoral Care Team members and perhaps the larger Cedars UU community as well.

-The Pastoral Care Team