Do You Like Movies?

Date(s) - Saturday, May 23, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Cedars Center


There’s a Movie Group for You!

Somewhat off-screen (to pun a phrase), there has been a relatively small group of Cedars friends meeting every month or so to discuss movies that they have watched or streamed online beforehand. The January selection is Finding Forrester, a 2000 film starring Sean Connery and a young black actor named Rob Brown. In the movie, a surprising friendship challenges and changes the two of them forever. Written by accomplished novelist, James Ellison, and based on an award-winning screenplay by Mike Rich, the story yearns to be a novel as well as a movie. It is available for streaming from several sources, and it is on DVD.

About the movie group: The selections have been proposed as favorites, or at least recommended as worthwhile, by individuals who then have led the discussions in members’ homes. Those venues limited participation to the dozen or so that typical living rooms could accommodate. While that limitation meant everyone could more easily be part of the conversation, there always was a sense that others might enjoy participating.

The group has decided to try meeting at the Cedars Center so that others can participate, with the possibility that a larger group might be viable there, or that additional groups might be formed to continue in member homes. We anticipate that the common film experience will support a good discussion among friends at Cedars Center.

We typically enjoy treating each other with light refreshments, potluck style. For more information, contact Joan Spencer or Richard Wilson.