Every Action

Rev. Zackrie advised us that what one of us does to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 helps all of us. We connect our community members when we care for each other. That is true with all of our actions, particularly at this time.

This may never have been so true as it was last weekend, when hurried changes had to be implemented. Once the decision was made to stream the Sunday worship service, efforts were re-directed from The Island School to Cedars Center; a collaboration quickly was struck with the Kitsap UU Fellowship; and prayers, reflections, sermons, and music were adjusted for the new setting and format.

We wish to call out the contributions to these efforts by 2 Cedars members. Drawing on her vast knowledge of UU hymns and her creativity in adjusting to a new venue, Chris Smellow developed and performed a lovely musical accompaniment for our first digitally-delivered worship service.

Also of note were the actions of Tyler Weaver, who, concerned for any visitors who might be first-timers or return guests, went to The Island School on Sunday morning to greet any and all comers. He was able to explain in person the changes being implemented and to extend a warm Cedars welcome.

We also recognize and are grateful to all of the Cedars and Kitsap Members and Friends who assisted with the changes this week.