Join the Worship Team

Would you like to participate in the design and development of the virtual worship services? The Worship Team would like to expand its membership by adding a few new Worship Associates and some people who can help with virtual worship Tech Support and Video Editing.

Here are lists of the responsibilities for these two positions:

Worship Associate

  1. Provide meaningful spiritual/emotional reflection on worship service themes.
  2. Record service elements, such as the Welcome, Offering, and Chalice Lighting/Extinguishing.
  3. Coordinate with Rev. Zackrie and other members of the Worship Team to set service themes and craft worship services.
  4. Help support other worship activities as requested (i.e., Wednesday Morning Reflection, memorial services, etc.).

The ideal candidate for this role would be someone comfortable recording service elements and working with the rest of the team to design and edit worship services.

Tech Support

  1. Help service leaders produce video clips for Sunday worship service elements (meditations, prayers, readings, etc.).
  2. Provide technical assistance to people participating in virtual services (i.e., help record testimonials or create picture slideshows).
  3. Add lyrics to recorded hymns.
  4. Act as a host for YouTube Live/Zoom chat during the worship service and Coffee Hour.
  5. Use software like Open Broadcast Software, Shot Cut, and Zoom to provide technical support to guest preachers. (Some training will be provided by Rev. Zackrie.)
  6. Help others develop technical proficiency.

The ideal person for this role would have some experience with video production and editing, or be eager to learn.

If you are interested in getting involved in the design and implementation of virtual worship services in any of the ways outlined here, please contact Penny Brewer.