New Year Opportunities

Many people make resolutions on New Year’s Eve. One poll found that 37% of respondents made one in 2022. Another survey found that the average resolution lasts 3.74 months. The poll also revealed that just 8% of respondents stick with their goals for one month, 22% last two months, 22% last three months, and 13% last four months.

I generally don’t make NYE resolutions. Still, I think of 2024 as another year that is filled with new opportunities. At Cedars, we are discussing expanding our efforts to reduce food insecurity by preparing a meal a month in Suquamish. We are looking at ways to restart the hosted event fundraisers that were so much fun in the past. We are also seeing new faces that we hope will become our friends and part of our community.

Whether you make resolutions or not, I wish for you to embrace new experiences in 2024 and that they enrich your life.

Jeff Philip
President, Board of Trustees