In-person service in Webster Hall at 10:00 a.m. with Live-Stream

Emilyjane Mockett, Guest Speaker 
Penny Brewer, Worship Associate 

As the days grow longer, as the new green sprouts show their splendor, what is Rising in our own hearts? After two long winters of both extra rest and unsettled rest, let’s explore how the return of the light, at this time, may invite more creativity, more growth, more amazement, more embodied reverence for all of Life.  

Emilyjane is an interfaith/interspiritual ministerial candidate from One Spirit interfaith seminary. With her ordination in June, she is committing her life to Life Affirming actions for an earth of loving Unity and Joy for the Sacred diversity of Aliveness.

A Virtual Gathering will take place immediately following the service. The Zoom link can be found in our Calendar.