Courageous Love

This month in the Puget Sound Worship Collaborative we are exploring what it means to be a people of courage. On Sunday, July 19, Rev. Kristen Kuriga of Saltwater UU Church will be preaching at the collaborative worship service. Courage is about living from our hearts and discovering strength in the midst of challenge. Sometimes our courage comes from within, while at other times, it is sourced from the people in our communities who inspire us and help us to be brave. Join us to explore our faith together!
The Zoom link for every week’s Sunday Worship Service through the summer is: Summer Worship Services

Coffee Hour: This week, after the service, those who wish to stay for Coffee Hour will be invited into randomized Zoom rooms. These will be small gatherings where you can meet new people; there will be between 10-15 in a room to allow for conversation.