Staying Connected Through Shelter-in-Place

How to Communicate NowDuring the Shelter-in-Place, your Cedars staff and Board of Trustees continue to conduct church business and to work on your behalf. We are following practices that consider the health and well-being of our Cedars community. You can find information and fellowship through communications and activities provided online. 

Check The Beacon, the church website, and the Cedars Facebook page for pointers to information and events.

Use of E-mail:In order to keep you informed, we may be sending out more e-mail messages than we normally would. This is meant to be helpful to you, not to crowd your in-box. We are using our best judgment about what to send/when, and we apologize for the increased number of messages, but hope you will benefit from the information.

We are monitoring office e-mail, and Kathleen will continue to respond during office hours (Tues-Fri, 9:00 a.m. to noon). 

Rev. Zackrie is using this time to develop many online opportunities for the Cedars community and to devote attention to individuals who are experiencing challenges from health and family issues, effects of isolation, and matters of faith. For pastoral care, please call Rev. Zackrie’s Pastoral Care number.

Our Board President, Heidi Parkington-Thal is addressing church issues as they arise and is overseeing the dissemination of information to all in the Cedars community. 

Take care of yourselves, check on your neighbors, and stock your home considerately! 

-Your Cedars Staff and Board of Trustees