Stewardship is about more than money

We focus our spring Stewardship Campaign on renewing our pledge of financial commitment to Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church. A strong financial foundation is critical to ensuring we are planning for a successful year ahead. And every dollar you pledge is welcome and generous.

I am also reminded at this time of year, that pledges and donations are only a part of what makes Cedars thrive. Even more important is the community we build, and the effort we put into making the world a better place. These things are what we talk about when sharing why this congregation is significant in our lives. I encourage each of you to go to our Stewardship Website (Say Yes to Love, Say Yes to Cedars) to read and hear what others find valuable here. The box at the lower left (Share what you value about Cedars) is set up for you to share your thoughts too. Click on “Add to Board” and let us know why you Say Yes to Cedars!

Jeff Philip
President, Board of Trustees