Update from Fundraising Committee

Despite the pandemic and cancellation of the Event Sales events, contributions from Members and Friends made for a successful fundraiser. The Cedars Fundraising Committee wishes to thank all contributors who purchased seats for over 40 donated events and activities. Cedars Events always have been popular, providing special opportunities for community participation and goodwill. Event Sales comprise a significant part of our overall fundraising efforts every church year.

We all were deeply disappointed that, due to COVID-19 restrictions, most events offered in the 2020 Event Sales had to be cancelled. Despite the cancellations, 90% of the funds generated through ticket sales are still in Cedars’ coffers as donations or pledges! Because of your generous responses, over $6,000 was raised to support our church. We thank you!

Churches everywhere are challenged financially during this pandemic. Your Fundraising Committee is exploring fun, virtual-event fundraising ideas for this church year. Stay tuned, and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions as we plan for the future.

The Fundraising Committee: Jane Martin; Bob Meredith; Dean Sampson; Pat Sampson; and Patti Shannon, Chair