It is said that you can tell of someone’s priorities by where they put their resources. Unitarian Universalists are known for giving to a wide range of important causes that make the world a better place. Some of those causes are large, far reaching organizations. Some are small and local like Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church. 

Each year, our congregation reaches out to ask how each individual can support the financial aspect of our operations. These funds go toward simple fixed costs like rent and business operations. They also support our Minister and Staff who support us on a daily basis to ensure we are consistently inspired. All of these funding mechanisms ultimately allow us to do the things we have found important in the world. Create and maintain a community of people who find a common thread in progressive values. And from that community, reach out in the wider world to do a little here and there to do some good.

But why do we give and support Cedars? Love. We love the people who join us in this endeavor. We love the times we spend together. We love the work we do side by side. And we love the impact we have locally and in the wider world. 

Each step we make is the result of people saying yes to love. Join us during this Stewardship campaign to say Yes to Cedars.

Worship with open hearts
Nurture a learning spirit
Service justice with compassion
Love without judgement