Special Services

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Held on Christmas Eve, this special service includes carols and a candle-lighting ritual.

Water Communion

A ritual to celebrate our shared faith coming from different sources. In this fall ceremony, we bring a small amount of water from a special place to combine together.

Flower Communion

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Flower Communion

Celebrated in the spring, the Flower Communion celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. For this ritual, everyone brings a flower to place on the altar. After the flowers are blessed, we each take a flower from the altar.

Bridging Ceremony

A ceremony for graduating seniors to mark the transition between childhood and adulthood.

Youth Service

A service planned and presented by our youth.

Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals

During a Blessing of the Animals, it is customary for members of the congregation to bring their animal companions with them to the service. If they cannot bring their animal friend with them, encourage them to bring a photo or some other meaningful item related to their animal friend.

Ceremonies Within the Service

Occasionally we include special ceremonies within the service, such as the following:

Child Dedication

This ceremony provides a blessing for the life of child and a promise from the congregation to nurture the spiritual growth of the child.

New Member Recognition – In-Gathering

A ceremony to celebrate our new members.