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Stewardship is about more than money

We focus our spring Stewardship Campaign on renewing our pledge of financial commitment to Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church. A strong financial foundation is critical to ensuring we are planning for a successful year ahead. And every dollar you pledge is welcome and generous.

I am also … read more.

Saying yes energizes me

I love my chosen communities. Cedars is one of the most important communities to me. You may have noticed that I say YES to many things in our Unitarian Universalist Congregation. From social action, to teaching the next generation about our values. From the simple act of arriving early … read more.

Enjoy Spring and Summer with Friends

We have brought back our annual Hosted Event Sales. People in the congregation are offering events and gatherings as a way to build community and raise some funding for Cedars. You will find something for everyone, including:

Themed Dinners

Mahjong Lessons


Outdoor Adventures

and more.

Tickets will be sold during … read more.

Small Event Fundraising for Cedars

We are bringing Hosted Events back again this year! The objective is to provide creative and enjoyable opportunities for Cedars people to know and appreciate each other better while helping with fundraising to support the congregation’s ongoing operation.

Sponsors (like you) get to determine what the event … read more.

Cedars’ Congregational History 

The Bainbridge Island Review is currently celebrating 100 years of publishing history and has invited the sharing of locally significant memories from the period. This is especially relevant to Cedars, because we can be thankful for the newspaper error that led to our founding and … read more.

A New Year Opportunity 

Cedars has been supporting Super Suppers on Bainbridge for many years. Once per month, we partner with Congregation Kol Shalom to serve a healthy, hearty meal to people at the Eagle Harbor Congregational Church. It has become such a success that the number of people volunteering exceeds … read more.

Christmas Eve

Webster Hall was filled with carol-singing and candlelight last Sunday evening as we gathered for a special Christmas Eve Service in which Rev. Zackrie helped us recognize and appreciate the present-day significance of the original nativity story.

New Year Opportunities

Many people make resolutions on New Year’s Eve. One poll found that 37% of respondents made one in 2022. Another survey found that the average resolution lasts 3.74 months. The poll also revealed that just 8% of respondents stick with their goals for one month, 22% last two … read more.