Cedars Social Justice

Volunteer Opportunity

Recently, Penny Brewer visited the Tacoma Detention Center, where AIDNW volunteers work with detainees. AIDNW was the recipient of the Cedars December 2020 Special Collection Funds.

Penny had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the detainees, and she was deeply affected by the visit. Click here to read her essay about the visit. Penny also would like to share a letter from one of the detainees.

Cedars Social Justice offers these ways you can help detainees at the Tacoma Detention Center:

  • Make a Valentine card; if you could make one in Spanish, terrific! Half of the detainees at the Tacoma Center are Spanish-speaking. This could be a fun activity to do with your whole family!
  • Attend the Let’s Talk session on SundayFebruary 16, right after the Worship Service. Barbara Golden and Katherine Niall will lead the discussion, and they will collect the Valentines you have made.
  • Donate books: new paperbacks in all languages, genres, and interest areas.
  • Donate clothes: jackets, sweaters, backpacks, and blankets help. These can be kept by the detainees when they leave the Center. Typically, they leave with nothing.
  •  Volunteer! Ride to the Tacoma Detention Center and visit a detainee at least every two weeks. Cedars members could share a detainee, carpool, and/or share driving duties. This is a big commitment, but it could be more manageable with a group.