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The Lyncher In Me by Warren Read

A nationally acclaimed author, who also happens to be a Member of Cedars, deserves special recognition and our gratitude. After a week filled with scenes of protest and violence across our national stage, we find Warren Read’s 2008 memoir, The Lyncher in Me (Borealis Books) particularly relevant. His own … read more.

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation

Special Collection, June 14

Tradition continues…no matter how weird this time may be!

For the past several years, Cedars has held a June Food Drive to help Fishline and Helpline House fill their shelves with kid-focused food for the summer. More children than ever before rely on free or reduced-price school lunches, and … read more.

UUA General Assembly

A Transformative Experience: Virtual GA
June 24-28

Virtual General Assembly (VGA) 2020 will offer all Unitarian Universalists an opportunity to gather and deepen connections with each other and our faith. In addition to the General Sessions, Synergy, Service of the Living Tradition, and Sunday worship, registered attendees also … read more.

Meals for Anyone Who Needs Them

At this time of physical distancing, the Bainbridge Super Suppers have been suspended. But, thankfully, there are creative local efforts that have assured that those who need meals can get them. The Social Action Committee would like to highlight and applaud these programs. If you know anyone … read more.

February Special Collection

Sunday, February 23
Worship Service

Give a Valentine’s Gift to YWCA Alive Shelter! February’s Special Collection, on Sunday, February 23, will go to The Alive Shelterlocated in Bremerton. The Shelter offers refuge to women and children dealing with domestic abuse.

It’s never too late to send a Valentine to show you care. … read more.

Cedars Social Justice

Volunteer Opportunity

Recently, Penny Brewer visited the Tacoma Detention Center, where AIDNW volunteers work with detainees. AIDNW was the recipient of the Cedars December 2020 Special Collection Funds.

Penny had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the detainees, and she was deeply affected by … read more.

Special Collection: Helpline and Fishline

Thanks to your generous donations on January 26, $630 was collected and will be divided between Fishline and Helpline. They will use the funds to make fresh produce available to those in need.