UUA General Assembly

A Transformative Experience: Virtual GA
June 24-28

Virtual General Assembly (VGA) 2020 will offer all Unitarian Universalists an opportunity to gather and deepen connections with each other and our faith. In addition to the General Sessions, Synergy, Service of the Living Tradition, and Sunday worship, registered attendees also will enjoy daily morning worship, Welcoming celebrations, live workshops, an on-demand library of programming, presentations by featured speakers, and special events such as coffee hours, worship reflection time, and evening entertainment.

Originally planned for Providence, Rhode Island, before our reality was massively altered by COVID-19, this year’s Virtual General Assemblywill continue plans to have workshops, featured speakers, and worship that focuses on indigenous history, Unitarian Universalism’s history, complicity with 400 years of colonialism and conquest. Prominent indigenous leaders within and beyond Unitarian Universalism will be featured as originally planned.

For more information and registration, see VGA Registration