A Time to Commit to Cedars

You are what makes this Unitarian Universalist community thrive. Because we join together each week, each month, and throughout the year, we create something special. We create a place where our ideas and thoughts can be shared. A place where we create friendship. Even a place where we can gather to do some good in the world.

Sometimes I reflect on what makes a UU Congregation different. We certainly have a different approach to religion and faith than most other types of congregations. We create an environment that is welcoming and supportive, and not based on dogma. I treasure that. And we are different than civic organizations because we do base our gathering on values rooted in religion and faith traditions.

That is all to say, we are special. Nancy and I believe that specialness is important to support. We have again pledged generously this year, to keep Cedars strong. Please bring or send your pledge form in this weekend as we wrap up Stewardship Month. Say Yes to Love, Say Yes to Cedars.

Jeff Philip
President, Board of Trustees