Music Director

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I have been working as a musician at churches my entire adult life. In prior years, I have served as pianist, organist, and/or choir director at Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Unity, and Congregational churches. Working at Cedars UU Church since 2007 (I think), I have yet to get bored. Cedars has inspired me to try new musical styles, write music for the choir and small groups, and come up with creative ideas about how to support the theme of each Sunday service.

With the advent of COVID-19, I have had to create new techniques for making music with the choir, learn apps to record and share my music, and keep in touch with colleagues across the country (and sometimes around the world) to get ideas about how to share music in our new, socially-distanced reality. My hope and prayer for the coming year is that in spite of the complications of the technology we are using, people will be comforted and inspired by the music that I and other Cedars musicians can share.