Faith Formation at Cedars

Fall is just around the corner, and that means children in our congregation will be returning to school. Our congregation’s Faith Formation (AKA Religious Education) programming generally follows the school year, which means preparing for ways to bring all ages together. We have several unique challenges ahead. The surges in COVID-19 and unavailability of vaccines for all ages means being cautious on how we gather in person.

We are also looking for a Director of Faith Formation to lead the development and coordination of our program. Looking to the near term, a group is exploring ways to serve our children so they have an active sense of belonging in the congregation and a developing understanding of Unitarian Universalist Values. We all long for a time when we can be present together, whether virtually or in person, and the group is forming a way of doing just that.  

The search for a Director of Faith Formation is taking an interesting turn this year. Both our congregation and Kitsap UU Fellowship are looking for a Director. In a spirit of collaboration, our two congregations are meeting to see if there are opportunities to create a better program together than we might separately. Ways in which we could collaborate include sharing programming ideas, selecting curriculum or specific activities, and perhaps even sharing a staff person. Sharing a staff person could attract someone looking for a full time position whose career path includes being a professional Religious Educator. We are in the early stages of understanding how we can collaborate, but there is excitement about the opportunity. 

Religious Education and Faith Formation are integral to who we are as Unitarian Universalists. Paving the way for an inclusive, all ages experience will be an important step in preparing for the coming year.

If you have questions, please contact Jeff Philip (