Reform Our Justice System: Targeting the Poor

Banning debt-based drivers license suspensions is a goal of the Kitsap Equity, Race, And Community Engagement Coalition, Kitsap ERACE. The organization’s criminal justice team added the objective to its list of collective actions after conferring with those working with impacted people.

Your license can be suspended if you can’t afford to pay a traffic ticket, and if you can’t drive, you can’t work, so it’s a catch-22!

The Kitsap ERACE team believes that drivers licenses should only be suspended if someone has been driving impaired or recklessly. The majority of convictions in Washington State are for driving with a suspended license.

Please help ERACE make a difference with this goal. Use the online link here to contact legislators: License Suspensions

Kitsap ERACE s a collaboration of many groups, organizations, and individuals, all striving for racial equity in Kitsap County. More information is available via this link to ERACE information.

Contact Penny Brewer of Cedars Social Justice Committee for further information.