Topic: Joy

The One Thing Necessary for Happiness

Rev. Amanda Aikman; Penny Brewer, Worship Associate  The link to the service is: YouTube Video Link. Really? Just one thing? Well, let’s see if you agree with my take on it. Your mileage may differ! Coffee Hour will follow the service.

“Music and Being”

Virtual Worship Service Susan T. Mashiyama, PhD, Guest SpeakerJenny Weaver, Worship Associate Music can move us to tears, help us to learn, call us to battle, and inspire us to dance with joy. As we move forward into the New Year, join former biology researcher and current UU music leader and harp player Susan T. … Continue reading “Music and Being”

Winter Solstice, Virtual Pageant

Virtual Worship Service Rev. Zackrie Vinczen, MinisterKathryn Jay, Faith Formation LeaderPenny Brewer, Worship Associate In this service Rev. Zackrie Vinczen Kathryn Jay, Penny Brewer and members of Cedars will bring the Christmas narrative into the 21st century with our 2020 virtual pageant. The YouTube link to the service is: Sunday Worship Service. Coffee Hour will follow the service.

Joy to the World

Virtual Worship Service Rev. Deanna Vandiver, Affiliate Community MinisterPenny Brewer, Worship Associate “Joy doesn’t wait for struggle to be over.” – Dr. Marcia McFee Every bit of you is invited to a Cedars worship service grounded in joy and liberation during this season of holy days with the Rev. Deanna Vandiver, Affiliate Community Minister with … Continue reading Joy to the World