Marsha Gladhart

Worship Associate

Marsha Gladhart is also Chair of the Cedars Justice Network. She is retired but is now a full-time volunteer in the community.  Marsha has two daughters and five grandchildren living in Alaska and Arizona. … Read More

Christina Doherty

Worship Associate

Christina Doherty has been a member of Cedars since 2014.  She and her husband, Sean, and their three young children live on Bainbridge Island.  In addition to family life, Christina keeps busy at IslandWood, where she is the Community Education Coordinator, delivering 24 community events per year.  Christina is an active … Read More

2017 Worship Associates

Worship Associates are members of the congregation who love to speak and share their insights with the congregation. They are a committed group of volunteers who lead in our regular Sunday services. A 3 year committment is required as well as extensive training, practice, and willingness to speak publicly. Our Cedars 2016-17 … Read More

Keri Schmit

Worship Associate

Keri Schmit has been a member of Cedars for almost 20 years. She is a single mom of two great kids: Robin, age 16 and Miranda, age 12, both active in Cedar’s youth programs. She teaches 8th grade English and US history at Woodward Middle School. She has a Master’s degree in African history, an area of the world for which she … Read More

Tyler Weaver

Worship Associate

Tyler Weaver lives on the south end of Bainbridge Island with his wife, Jenny, and his three children (Audrey, Elliot, and Rose), on a small farm full of animals.  The Weavers have lived on the island since 2001, but are relatively new additions to Cedars, having attended since 2013.  Tyler’s regular job is as a … Read More